Old school etiquette and chivalry dating

Holding a door open for someone can make you appear suave, or it can make you look like a douchebag. This will be easiest if you’re on the hinges side of the door. If you can switch ninja-style, before getting to the door, do it.

In professional settings, it’s considered polite to open the door for anyone, male or female, and let them through first. Him: It is so Alpha Male that he will be intimidated and unmanned by this simple act of kindness.

Or when you butter bread, put some butter on your plate, then use the butter from your plate to butter the bread. Put the knife and fork together on your plate at either 4 or 8 o-clock.

If you’re still eating, separate the knife and fork on your plate at 4 and 8 o-clock.

Wait until someone “handsome” approaches, then let go. She will smile (in the same way that she might smile when looking at pictures of George Clooney), and make a comment about what a gentleman you are.

Her: On a date, especially if it’s formal or dressy, take her coat. In business, don’t take anyone’s coat, unless they are at your house. When she sits down, help her push the chair in closer to the table. Give her a flirtatious wink and get her phone number later. People have written entire books on polite eating etiquette.

In even more modern times, and in dense urban areas, men sometimes walk on the inside, to protect against would-be attackers lurking in doorways.

However, you need to look and act the part, and there are a few things you should know before you even sit down.

Be your own man by stepping up and being the gentleman every one of us should be.

Not only will the women love you for it, but you’ll gain a great sense of pride and satisfaction by being recognized as a guy women enjoy spending time with.

If your clothes are formal, your manners should be too. Which fork: If you have more than one fork, this usually means you have more than one “course” or plate of food. Use the outside fork and leave it on your plate when you’re done. Small forks are for salad, big forks are for dinner. Big spoons are for soup, and for some reason you’re supposed to spoon the soup away from you. While eating, just remember the stuff Grandma used to tell you: There is also more subtle stuff.

Like when you put your knife and fork down, put them on the plate, not touching the table. At really nice restaurants, there’s a cool little code to tell the waiter when you’re done eating.

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